Team Pinball

An International Pinball Company Team Pinball is a pinball design company founded in 2016 by three friends sharing a passion for vintage games and specialised in the conception from scratch of brand new pinball machines tailored to your like! With over ten years experience in electronic engineering, software writing and pinball design, Team Pinball partners […]


The PinSound company This French innovative company created in 2000 by TimothĂ©e et Nicolas, the “Pinsound Brothers”, designs sound boards for pinball machines in order to enhance your playing experience with a new and vibrant sound quality. No matter the age of your pinball machine, the sound will become crisper and you will have the […]


ePropelled is a leading expert in magnetic engineering innovations that dramatically improve electric motor and generator efficiency for propulsion systems in many industries. ePropelled’s technology is a 25% improvement in efficiency over what is currently available in the market and could drastically change the way we think about electric propulsion systems. The Future of Electric […]