Connected Street Lights

In a time where energy is more and more precious, would you leave the light on during the whole night when no one's home? What if, you could simply turn on the light when you need it?

In partnership with a French company, Funtronic designed a connected street light controller to replace the old programmable timer. The 4G connection allows remote management of the controller to set the time, adjust for day light saving without having to roam around the city.

The controller can pilot up to 4 circuits, and is directly powered from the mains (110-230V). It comes in a standard DIN enclosure and is very easy to install in the street light control box.

Team Pinball

An International Pinball Company

Team Pinball is a pinball design company founded in 2016 by three friends sharing a passion for vintage games and specialised in the conception from scratch of brand new pinball machines tailored to your like!

With over ten years experience in electronic engineering, software writing and pinball design, Team Pinball partners up with artists, sound designers, video game designers and dozens of subcontractors to turn game concepts into reality.

The trio created their first pinball machine in 2016, Mafia Pinball, which has been exposed at worldwide shows and competitions. Only ten specimens have been conceived and they have all been sold. The company aims to commercialise their machines all over the world and ignites their gaming passion in people from all ages and countries.

Team Pinball is one of a kind company born from a a shared pinball machine passion and particularly popular among pinball collectors and 60's nostalgic players.

Here are some examples of what Funtronic did for Team Pinball:

  • Electronic Board Conception
  • Control System design of the machines:
    Unique embedded architecture leveraging the power of modern components such as the Raspberry Pi. The system is based on a single IO board for the input signals and to control LEDs, motors, coils and all pinball elements. The system has been CE and FCC approved and machines have been shipped all over the world.

Here is an introductory video about the Mafia Pinball Machine:

Here is the link for more information about the company:


The PinSound company

This French innovative company created in 2000 by Timothée et Nicolas, the "Pinsound Brothers", designs sound boards for pinball machines in order to enhance your playing experience with a new and vibrant sound quality. No matter the age of your pinball machine, the sound will become crisper and you will have the feeling of playing a whole different game.

Here are the main products we contributed to:

PinSound Plus - the ultimate sound board

It is manufactured and made of high quality components resisting through time. The sound quality is enhanced by class-D amplifiers which guarantee a loud and clear sound and will remarkably improve the game experience. Moreover this board is compatible with more than 100 different pinball machines!

Motion Control

This clever addition to your machine will allow the game to shake while being played exploring hundreds of trigger possibilities. The kit doesn't require technical skills to be installed, it can be regulated to three different level of power (low - medium-high) and presents 12 different vibration patterns such as “Impact”, “Rumble”, “Explosion” etc… plus unlimited customization possibilities! A really vibrant experience!

 DMD controller board

A long lasting quality product designed to fit on any Bally Williams WPC pinball machines to adjust the display brightness according to your preference at any time:

  • BOOST → 120 % brightness – for a brighter (or worn-out) DMD display
  • NORMAL → 100 % brightness – normal DMD brightness
  • SAVING → 80 % brightness – for lower energy consumption and longer DMD life

No More Reset

WPC power supply is a device preventing your pinball machine to restart while you are playing. Year after year, pinball machine power supply tend to get weaker: “No More Reset” brings a stable 5 volts supply to prevent any drop in the CPU power.

Whitestar Pinsound Adapter

This adapter is needed to connect a PinSound board to a STERN/SEGA Whitestar pinball machine.


ePropelled is a leading expert in magnetic engineering innovations that dramatically improve electric motor and generator efficiency for propulsion systems in many industries. ePropelled’s technology is a 25% improvement in efficiency over what is currently available in the market and could drastically change the way we think about electric propulsion systems. The Future of Electric Propulsion is here and ePropelled is ready to lead the way. 


  • System Architecture
  • Power supply design
  • Motor Controller specification, design and prototyping
  • Firmware development


  • 4 layers board design, prototype assembly and rework down to 0402 SMDs
  • AC-DC and DCDC power conversion from 500W to several kW
  • BLDC and PMSM motor control
  • C/C++ programming on STM32, Microchip and TI C2000 platforms
  • CAN, CAN-FD, CANopen protocols
  • Low level interfaces and buses (ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, PWM)
  • Design for EMC and Fast TTM

BSP software

Development of a board support software for an FPGA development platform.

This project consisted of developing a Java application capable of communicating with the FPGA target and changing settings on-the-fly.

It featured easy backup/loading of settings, import and export for simulation software, and an advanced GUI mostly responding to wheel scrolling to modify the board's parameters instantaneously.